my story

Ever since I was a little girl I loved to create. Whether it was painting faces on smooth rocks that I would hunt for with my brother or the surprise gift of a pad of paper that my parents gave me to getting my first oil painting set and smelling the linseed oil. Art class in high school was my protector. Later on walking into The School of Visual Arts and having the feeling like I finally belonged somewhere. After graduating I was lucky enough to take some continuing education classes. There was a class on metal forming that looked interesting. My teacher said to me after seeing my work “You have to take a jewelry class”. I took her advice. From that moment on I was hooked. It was my first experience with enamels. It became my “drug of choice”. Some people have yoga some have mountain climbing. I have enameling. The process of working with the enamels is a very Zen like experience. Creating your design, picking out your colors to laying down your wirework to washing your enamels to finally firing and finishing your creation. I’ve come full circle because now I teach this wonderful medium to others. Giving back and sharing is the true gift of being an artist and teacher.


Photos by Dylan Wadler ​