Vinaigrette Necklace

Finally finished!

From concept to completion this project believe it or not took me 4 months. I surprised myself on how long it took me! The date of my orignial photos that I took said Nov. Really, it took that long to get the result I wanted but I have to tell you I learned a lot on my little Vinaigrette journey.

The first thing I learned is a fresh package of clay works the best. I feel that the clay that's been reworked to many times actually looses its strength. You might notice this in later photos. I cheaped out and didn't want to use a new package of clay and I ended up having to remake the bottom section because of the severe cracking caused by enameling the piece and removing the enamel too many times. I tell my student and teach them the proper way but I guess I didn't listen to my own advice. At least I can tell my students what works and what doesn't work.

Here's the Vinaigrette Necklace open. When I reworked the bottom half I reinforced it with more PMC. Its also counter enameled. You can see that its shinny inside from the photo. The findings on the necklace are made from PMC. They are textured on both sides at the same time then enameled on both sides. I didn't want too much enamel on them because I tried that the first time and I had to take the enamel off and enamel them again because it was way to dark. Another issue I had is the enamel it self. I ordered the enamel from two different companies even though they were from the same manufacturer the colors didn't match. Off with the enamel again. Mind you I orinigally had a pinky red on it. Loved the color but didn't like the color on the PMC. Again the enamel has to be taken off! And yes I made a ton of tests before I did the first stage of enameling. But sometimes the planets aren't aligned and funny things happen in the kiln.

I love this shot! It shows how pretty the color is and how beautiful the PMC shines so bright. The first half that I made wasn't successful I think because not only did the bottom cracked but I think there was too much surface tension. So on the new bottom I placed another piece of PMC on the Vinaigrette. I enjoy trouble shooting and figuring problems out. It keeps our minds young and fresh!

Here's my new member of the family in its Greenware stage (not fired and can still break) You can't see the cracking that I mentioned earlier.

Vinaigrette slightly opened. You can see the screw if you look closely.

You can definitely see the cracking on the bottom here!

This is an example of the cracking that took place on the bottom section. You can see the darker enamel that seeped through the cracks. Which made it very ugly and muddy. Off with the enamel again! This is when I realized it was time to make another bottom. My students couldn't believe that I had such patience to rework this necklace the amount of times I did. It's a life lesson. Practice makes perfect!

I am very pleased with my results and am very happy now I can construct them again with ease.

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Photos by Dylan Wadler ​